New Voices Project

Briefing Papers

The briefing papers linked on this page were originally produced as part of our New Voices Project in 2011. You will find the current set of updated briefing papers here


Briefing Paper 1 – Intro to Trust for New Voices members

Briefing Paper 2 – Natural Gas Pipelines – The Basics


Briefing Paper 3 – Hazardous Liquid Pipelines – The Basics

Briefing Paper 4 – The statutes, regulations, consensus standards, and best practices

Briefing Paper 5 – The Alphabet Soup of Players in Pipeline Safety

Briefing Paper 6 – Considering Risk

Briefing Paper 7 – Excavation Damage Prevention

Briefing Paper 8 РThe Need For Better Planning Near Pipelines (revised 5/1/12)

Briefing Paper 9 – Pipeline Routing and Siting Issues

Briefing Paper 10 – Integrity Management Rules

Briefing Paper 11 – Cost Benefit Analysis

Briefing Paper 12 – Emergency Planning

Mary’s House¬†(Fun with Maps and Pipelines)

Synopsis of This Community Technical Assistance Grant