List of TAG Grant Recipients

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State Applicant Name Project Description Award
AK Copper River Watershed Project Support citizen safety monitoring of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System $48,380
AZ City of Mesa Elevating community awareness of pipeline safety using television-based interactive advertising $50,000
CA The Tides Center Evaluate safety of aging hazardous liquid and natural gas transmission pipelines $50,000
FL City of Blountstown Create a GIS of distribution system $50,000
FL City of Clearwater Create a GIS of distribution system $50,000
FL Lake Apopka Natural Gas Create a GIS of distribution system $50,000
GA City of Elberton Create a GIS of distribution system $50,000
GA Toccoa Natural Gas Create a GIS of distribution system $50,000
KS Kansas Municipal Utilities Provide direct tech. assistance to prepare 62 municipal gas utilities for emergency or disaster response pertaining to the natural gas pipeline system $50,000
KY Prestonsburg City Utilities Commission Upgrade and enhance gas leak detection program with new equipment and training $26,000
MO City Utilities of Springfield Upgrades to Springfield Leak Training Area and Fire Training facilities and equipment $41,383
MO City of St Peters Enhance community awareness of pipeline safety through the development of a comprehensive website $8,734
MT Northern Plains Resource Council Disseminate information regarding pipeline construction and safety to affected landowners and county officials $36,103
NE Nebraska City Utilities Purchase a remote methane leak detector $16,500
OH City of Hamilton Complete an engineering “make piggable” study of high pressure gas distribution main $50,000
PA Bradford Glen Homeowners Association Evaluate and asses safety of co-locating proposed AES pipeline ajacent to Columbia pipeline in the vicinity of a high consequence area $50,000
PA Safety, Agriculture, Villages and Enviroment (SAVE) Inc Education and outreach on pipeline safety involving Columbia and proposed AES pipeline. $50,000
PA West Vincent Township Engineering and scientific analysis of pipeline safety concerning the Dominion Keystone project $50,000
SD Brookings County Use PIPA guidence regarding consulting and planning zones to investigate creating an additional chapter to the Brookings County Zoning Ordinance $12,000
TN Oak Ridge Utility District Improve distribution system monitering capabilities, add pipeline integrity data into the development of a GIS and increase public awareness $50,000
TX City of Fort Worth GIS to manage the expanding pipelines systems. $25,000
TX Fort Worth League of Neighborhood Associations Provide an overview of all pipeline issues through a report and dissemination of information to Fort Worth residents, elected officials and affected companies $48,305
VA Montgomery County Underground pipeline inventory and assesment of incident management and planning $24,630
WA Pipeline Safety Trust Determining Effective Communication Strategies to Engage Local Public Officials to Increase

Pipeline Safety in Their Communities

WA Association of Washington Cities Enhance public safety by improving local government land use planning and permitting practices near pipelines $50,000