Columbia Gas of Massachusetts Tragedy North of Boston

This page contains a variety of information regarding the operating performance of Columbia Gas of Massachusetts and associated data that might be helpful in putting the September 13, 2018 tragedy that occur in the communities of Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover, Massachusetts in context. The Columbia Gas of Massachusetts system there failed causing multiple gas explosions and fires destroying dozens of homes, killing an 18-year-old man, injuring at least 25 individuals, and causing the evacuation of over 8000 people. This is a developing story, and the cause of this tragedy is not yet known.


The Pipeline Safety Trust’s Statement on this tragedy


List of Incidents from 2010 to present on Columbia Gas of Massachusetts and all Massachusetts distribution pipeline systems.


Incident Trends – Last 10 Years  Compares all distribution incidents in U.S. to Columbia Gas of Massachusetts


Gas Distribution Significant Incidents by Cause – Massachusetts and U.S.


Comparison of Distribution Incident Rates Between Companies


Comparison of Distribution System Leaks Between Companies


Over-pressure distribution incidents 2010 – present


High Risk Materials & Age of Installation for Massachusetts Distribution Companies


All of the above data comes from PHMSA’s data pages which can be found at:


The NTSB Preliminary Report: