What can you do to help our efforts?

There are many ways you can help make pipelines even safer. Stay informed about pipelines by checking our website frequently and joining the safepipelines and/or the LNGsafety listserves. Become aware of the pipelines in your area, find out about their safety record, and talk to the operators. If you have technical expertise help others in your area understand pipeline safety, or contact the Trust to donate your time helping us educate others.

Each year the Trust gets requests by citizens and local governments for pipeline information, for trainings on how pipelines actually operate and what the regulations require, and for assistance to attend pipeline events and meetings. The current return on the investment of our initial settlement money does not generate enough funds to allow the Trust to do all that we would like to do for pipeline safety. We need help from committed individuals and companies willing to chip in so the Trust can meet the increasing demand. Your donation below can help increase pipeline safety. All donations from pipeline companies will only be used as part of our Citizen Travel Fund to help cover the costs for citizens and local government representatives to attend pipeline safety meetings, workshops and conferences. Thanks for your help!

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