The Pipeline Safety Trust promotes pipeline safety through education and advocacy, increased access to information, and partnerships with residents, safety advocates, government, and industry, resulting in safer communities and a healthier environment.


A Vision for Our Communities

We see a world in which there are zero pipeline incidents and:

* Communities where residents feel safe from the hazards of energy infrastructure,

* Communities where residents trust their government to protect them from hazards,

* Government authorities that are proactive and innovative in their approaches to accident prevention,

* Energy production, distribution and consumption that promotes sustainable development,

* Energy and utility industries that partner with communities to promote safety and environmental protection,

* Communities that are empowered with information and technical expertise, and

* Communities where residents have a meaningful voice in pipeline decision-making.

A Vision for Our Organization

We see the Pipeline Safety Trust providing:

* Effective, innovative, long-term solutions to community safety,

* Credible and timely information on pipeline safety,

* Independent comment and advice to landowners, communities, government and industry,

* Inclusive partnership opportunities among residents, safety advocates, government and industry, and

* Effective advocacy to improve public health, safety and environmental protection.

We see the Pipeline Safety Trust achieving its mission with excellence over time and in changing conditions.


The Board and staff of the Pipeline Safety Trust value:

* Public safety and public interest,

* Trust and credibility,

* Fearless independence,

* Inclusiveness and accessibility, and

* Proactive strategies.