Pipeline Safety Statistics

One of the Pipeline Safety Trust’s main goals is to collect existing pipeline statistics and make them easily accessible for all who want them. We used to develop more of our own analysis because the data available was difficult to understand in the format provided. If you are still interested in accessing that old analysis, you can do so here (also includes some pipelines vs. rail information). The Trust still maintains a few of our own charts and graphs:HL miles by decade

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has greatly improved the format of the information they provide to the public, but it can still be very difficult to find. Below are direct links to a number of webpages within PHMSA that provide different types of data and analysis. Please remember that many pipeline safety experts have voiced concerns about the quality and completeness of much of the pipeline data that is collected in this country. We also have a Briefing Paper entitled Access to Pipeline Statistics and Data which walks through more detailed information about the PHMSA data.

We also have posted a variety of studies that have looked at the safety of pipelines versus rail transport of fuels


EPA Pipeline Consent Decrees – From time to time the U.S. EPA gets involved with cases related to pipelines, normally under their Clean Water Act authority. Here is a list of their resent consent decrees.