State Pipeline Safety Website Transparency Review


Map of the results of our 2017 transparency review. Dark green and light green states have “excellent” and “good” websites. Yellow states have “passing” websites and red states have “failing” websites. Note: California PUC, which is responsible for gas pipelines received a score of “good” in the 2017 review while California Fire Marshal, which is responsible for hazardous liquid pipelines received a score of “failing.”


Most state governments in this country regulate some aspect of pipelines within their state, but which pipelines they regulate, and how they go about it varies a good deal. Finding information online about their efforts and the pipelines they regulate can be difficult. During the summer of 2011, the Pipeline Safety Trust caused quite a kerfuffle by surveying all the different state websites and scoring them based on things that citizens most likely would like to find. You can see how your state has rated on the charts below and to the right.

The ratings are based on how easy it is to find the items. If they are pretty easy to locate, the website got a “3”; if you had to click around a bit “2”; if you needed to know the specialized terminology or had to search for them quite a bit “1”. If they were nowhere to be found, they got a “0”.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions. We are happy to work with state agencies that want to improve their websites. The results of all our annual reviews are available below.

2017 Website Review Results and Criteria

Previous Website Review Results and Criteria