The Trust publishes a variety of types of documents from time to time. We have a newsletter, where we try to keep the public updated on pipeline safety issues, recent incidents and reports, and Trust news; we occasionally publish longer reports, either under a specific grant award, or at the request of a community. We also have co-authored reports with other groups and technical experts on various pipeline safety issues. Use the search function to find older documents, some published by other individuals and organizations.

Briefing Papers, Guides and Newsletters
Briefing Papers
Guide to Pipeline Safety Rulemaking (2016)
Landowner’s Guide to Pipelines (updated 2016)
Local Government Guide to Pipelines (2014)


Technical Analysis
Tar Sands Pipeline Safety Risks (2011)
General Observations on the Myth of a Best International Pipeline Standard (2007)
A Simple Perspective on Excess Flow Valve Effectiveness in Gas Distribution System Service Lines (2005)
Observations on the Application of Smart Pigging on Transmission Pipelines (2005)


Regional Publications
Pipeline Safety in the Salt Lake Valley (2012)
Pipeline Safety in Alamo, and surrounding areas within Contra Costa County, California (2015)
State of Natural Gas Pipelines in Fort Worth, Texas (2011)