Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance – Outreach and Communication Pilot Project

PHMSA TAG award 2009-2010

In the late fall of 2009 after receiving the technical assistance grant from PHMSA the Pipeline Safety Trust (PST) completed a contract with Applied Research Northwest (ARN) to provide technical assistance in pilot testing the PIPA Seven Step Communication Model to development of an outreach program to “local public officials.” It was our intent that this testing of an outreach program could then assist in implementation of some recommendations coming forward from the Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA).

We provided the researchers at ARN copies of the draft PIPA report, the PIPA Seven Step Communication Model, the American Petroleum Institutes Recommended Practice 1162, and examples of collected public awareness materials directed at local public officials. Working with ARN we choose members of our Protocol Advisory Group (PAG) who would serve as our review committee as we moved forward. This group was chosen to include representatives of stakeholder groups that would either be likely to help design such a program, or would be on the receiving end of such a program.

The results of this project are contained in the documents below (all pdf format). A summary presentation was given at the 2011 Pipeline Safety Trust conference, and is available through this link.

Final Report

Appendix A – Social Marketing Plan

Appendix B – Interview Findings

Appendix C – Planner Survey Findings

Appendix D – Focus Group Findings