Nationwide data on reported incidents by pipeline type (gas transmission, gas distribution, hazardous liquid)

Below are some Excel spreadsheets that include information about reported pipeline leaks and spills from 1985 through early 2004. These charts include the location of the incident, pipeline name, injuries, deaths, property damage, how much was spilled, cause information, and more. These charts should make it easy for you to sort the information by whatever category you are interested in – state, pipeline, year, etc. All these statistics come right from the Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS). We have only included the parts of the information that is available from OPS that we thought people would be most interested in. If you would like to download the complete data set from OPS you can do so at:

If you have trouble with either the data on this page, or with getting what you need off the OPS website, feel free to contact us ( and we will try to help.