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Current Interests

rfq-imageRequest for Qualifications announced

Our RFQ is open for independent consulting services from pipeline safety technical experts to provide independent technical assistance to local governments and communities related to on-shore oil and gas pipelines in the US and Canada.

Bourbon StreetSave The Date!

The Annual Pipeline Safety Trust Conference returns to New Orleans this fall. Start planning to attend now. November 19-20th, 2015


Carl WeimerOn-demand conference videos are available

Our 2014 Pipeline Safety Trust conference live webcast was a success! If you missed the live broadcast visit our on-demand video page to watch the speaker presentations..


Fall newsletterFall Newsletter available

Our 2014 Fall newsletter is available for downloading (pdf, 1.6MB)


Local Government Guide CoverLocal Government Guide to Pipelines

The Pipeline Safety Trust has a Local Government Guide to Pipelines available on our Pipeline Information for Local Government page

home-pst-summer2014-newsletter-coverSummer 2014 issue of our newsletter, Safe Pipelines

The Trust's Summer 2014 Newsletter, Safe Pipelines is available as a pdf download. Click here (1.1MB).

Carl TestifyingOn May 20th the Pipeline Safety Trust Testified to Congress

You can review our testimony here, or view a video of the entire hearing here

currentinterest-carl_videoVideo and PowerPoints from the 2013 conference

Pipeline Safety Beyond Keystone - Expanding the Public Spotlight The 2013 Pipeline Safety Trust Conference was held in New Orleans, LA on November 21-22. To view On Demand video as well as presentation files click here.

Breaking News

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Colorado pipeline spills happen in regulatory vacuum. By Bruce Finley, The Denver Post (Feb 24, 2015).

Bills add regulations, research for pipelines in North Dakota. By Amy Dalrymple, InForum (Feb 23, 2015).

Yellowstone: rupture probe is stalled, but pipeline restart plan moving forward. By Elizabeth Douglass, InsideClimate News (Feb 20, 2015).

State officials misrepresent North Dakota's spill problem. By Emily Guerin, Inside Energy (Feb 16, 2015).

Pipeline safety bill filedBy Pam Wright, Central Kentucky News (Feb 11, 2015).

Sandpiper oil pipeline divides Minnesota. By Greg Vandegrift, KARE11 (Feb 10, 2015).

Natural gas pipeline battle in Michigan moves southBy David Hasemyer, InsideClimate News (Feb 10, 2015).

Pipeline safety advocates concerned about lack of inspectors. By Kara Holsopple, The Allegheny Front (Feb 6, 2015).

Yellowstone oil spills expose threat to pipelines under rivers nationwide. By Elizabeth Douglass, InsideClimate News (Feb 6, 2015).

Pipeline concerns draw crickets from legislature. By John Hult, Argus Leader (Feb 5, 2015).

Residents sound off, say they're skeptical of pipeline. By Martha Shanahan, The Keene Sentinel (Feb 5, 2015).

Opinion: Oil pipelines are going to keep breaking in rivers. By Alexis Bonogofsky, HCN (Feb 5, 2015).

Obama proposes more pipeline safety money in new federal budget. By Laura Olson, The Morning Call (Feb 2, 2015).

6 counties cut from proposed ET Rover pipeline route. By Keith Matheny, Detroit Free Press (Feb 2, 2015).

Montana oil spill latest in a long line of True companies pipeline breaks. By Benjamin Storrow, Casper Star-Tribune (Jan 31, 2015).

NTSB: San Bruno pipeline blast an example safety oversight flaws. AP (Jan 27, 2015).

Right of Way: Pipelines wield eminent domain as they forge costly new paths. By Sarah Smith and Sean Sullivan, SNL (Jan 27-28, 2015; 2-part series).

Ethane pipeline blast creates fireball. By Casey Junkins, The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register (Jan 27, 2015).

No deal on Enbridge pipeline insurance. By Mike Ivey, The Capital Times (Jan 27, 2015).

North Dakota pipeline leaked 3 million gallons of brine in oil drilling. By Regina Garcia Cano, Associated Press (Jan 21, 2015).

Ice hinders cleanup of Yellowstone oil pipeline spill. By Zahra Hirji, InsideClimate News (Jan 21, 2015).

Cancer-Causing Agent Detected in Water After Pipeline Spill. By Matthew Brown, Associated Press (Jan 20, 2015).

Pipeline at 'moderate risk' for failure; cleanup begins in Yellowstone River oil spill. By Larry Mayer, Billings Gazette (Jan 19, 2015).aerial-spill-yellowstone-river-MT-20150117

The other pipeline you should worry about. By Dan Kaufman, NY Times (Jan 16, 2015).

Kinder Morgan won't disclose oil pipeline emergency plan. By Jeff Nagel, BC Local News (Jan 16, 2015).

Pipeline officials answer some questions, fuel other concerns. By Pam Wright, The Advocate Messenger News (Jan 16, 2015).

PUC to pressure city on replacing aged gas mains. By Andrew Maykuth, Philadelphia Inquirer (Jan 12, 2015).

Enbridge pipeline expansion, larger than Keystone, drawing some Dane County skeptics. By Steven Verburg, WiscNews (Jan 11, 2015).

Oil pipeline draws passionate debate. By Kirsti Marohn, St. Cloud Times (Jan 9, 2015).

Prospective CPUC head dismisses PG&E concerns, says too much Bay Area focus. By Ted Goldberg, KQED (Dec 30, 2014).

Moab's redneck country is under pressure from fracking. By Nancy Lofholm, The Denver Post (Dec 29, 2014).

Improving Chesco pipeline website, and helping other counties adopt similar protocols. By Michaelle Bond, Philadelphia Inquirer (Dec 29, 2014).

Rural gas gathering pipelines kindle concerns about safety laws. By Mike Wereschagin, TribLive (Dec 27, 2014).

The center seat: Julie Fedorchak looks to long-term needs as she takes over ND PSC chair. By Maxine Herr, Petroleum News Bakken (Dec 26, 2014). 

Former administration official 'Keystone will eventually be built'. By Laura Barron-Lopez, The Hill (Dec 22, 2014). 

State sides with oil companies in lawsuit by landowner over saltwater spills.  By Andrew Brown, Forum News Service (Billings Gazette; Dec 21, 2014). 

Pipeline prospects far from certain for 2015. By Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press (Dec 18, 2014).

'Pinhole leak' in U.P. gas pipeline raises straits fears. By Keith Matheny, Lansing State Journal (Dec 17, 2014).

North American fossil fuel boom raises risks from expanding oil and gas transport network. By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue (Dec 15, 2014).

Dominion opts against route away from schools. By Calvin Trice, NewsLeader (Virginia) (Dec 12, 2014). 

Investigation into a 2013 pipeline leak near Wrigley, Northwest Territories uncovers multiple causal factors. By PR Newswire (Dec 4, 2014).

Diluted bitumen study: expert committee holds first meeting. By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue (Dec 2, 2014).

As Keystone XL stalls, another pipeline network moves quietly forward. By Shannon Heffernan, WBEZ (Dec 1, 2014).

Energy East pipeline: TransCanada standing down on further work in Quebec. By The Canadian Press (Dec 1, 2014). 

The US energy infrastructure: Is is safe? By Gene Lockard, Rigzone (Nov 27, 2014).

Why pipeline critics are important. By CEPA (Nov 26, 2014).

With all eyes on Keystone, another tar sands pipeline just crossed the borderBy Zoe Schlanger, Newsweek (Nov 25, 2014).

FERC issues proposed policy statement regarding cost recovery for pipeline modernization. By Debra Ann Palmer, The National Law Review (Nov 24, 2014).

Fix decaying pipelines first for jobs, health and safety. By Joe Conason, TruthDig (Nov 19, 2014). 

Pipeline alert from federal regulator is first of its kind. By Elizabeth Douglass, InsideClimate News (Nov 17, 2014).

Landowner rights vs. public need in battle over pipeline routeBy Duncan Adams, The Roanoke Times (Nov 9, 2014).

Decrepit PA natural gas utility pipelines years from upgradeBy Mike Wereschagin, TribTotalMedia (Nov 1, 2014).gas-leak-investigation-Peoples-Garfield-PA-20140808

Exxon fighting to keep public from seeing 900,000 pages of documents in oil spill lawsuitBy Elizabeth Douglass, InsideClimate News (Oct 31, 2014).

PG&E cutting gas pressure on lines with lower-quality parts. By Jaxon Van Derbeken, SFGate (Oct 30, 2014).

Reasons given for banning pipelineBy Tom Relihan, The Recorder (Oct 22, 2014).

Concerns over aging natural gas pipelines. By Natalie Shepherd, Eyewitness News (Oct 15, 2014).

Environmental disasters lurk in energy pipelines. By Keith Matheny, The Detroit Free Press (Oct 12, 2014).

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